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We are go getters

We are passionate about everyone living the life they deserve.

What that life looks like, the activities that add colour, the way that meaning is added – well that’s different for everyone. It’s a cliché, but a complete truth, that there is no one size fits all for a happy and fulfilling life.

We offer a range of completely bespoke services for people of all ages living with a disability.

Our business might be new in the market in 2020, but the team we have built is super experienced, and unified by a go getter attitude. We’re here to shake things up, bursting with energy and positivity to help you also be the go getter you want to be.

How to become a go getter

go getter currently offers services in Darwin, but also speak to us if you live anywhere in the Northern Territory.

go getter provides services for everyone with NDIS funding. That means we work with children and their parents, as well as adults of all ages.

The first thing we do is meet you. One of our team members will arrange a time and we’ll have a really good chat. We’ll find out more about you, what you enjoy doing, if you’re studying, working or wanting to do those things, what sort of support you need for your disability and your ambitions for a fulfilling life. We’ll talk about your budget and the kinds of services you can access within your budget. We’ll then go away and develop a fully costed budget and suggest some providers for your services. Then we’ll work with you to make it happen, check that you’re happy and review your plan at least every year.

Anywhere you feel comfortable having a good chat. We can meet you at your home, in our Darwin office or at a local café.

We offer a range of other services. We are a direct provider of some services and will be completely upfront about this. But we will source any service from any provider because that’s what we do. We make your plan unique to you, and that means sourcing exactly what you need and want.

Go Getter doesn’t offer plan management or support coordination, but we can suggest or recommend providers to do this for you, and we’ll work closely with them to make sure your plan and budget work perfectly together.

We like to think our name tells a lot of the story. We take pride in being positive, daring and ambitious. We know that every person is different so we don’t have set packages of care and support, we listen to what you want and then make it happen. We’re open, we give you the choices and we just want you to feel like a go getter too.

Service providers – come work with us

If you provide services to children and adults with NDIS funding we’d love to hear from you. We are always looking for go getting amazing people to work with us and our clients.

Whether you’re a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, or you’re an artist, musician or sports coach and think you have a go getter mentality, drop us an email and we’ll arrange a coffee.

Get in touch

It all starts with a chat. We'd love to meet you.